Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN) Universal coverage campaign – Uganda 2020

Edes & Associates was appointed by the Funds Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development (MoFPED) as a Fiduciary Assurance Agent (FAA) to support its oversight role for the Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Net (LLIN) campaign dabbed “Under the net” campaign throughout Uganda during the onslaught of the COVID pandemic(June 2020- March 2021). Edes and Associates was to ensure that activities are undertaken as planned, payments made in accordance with the regulations, and accounted for

As the country and the whole world grappled with the COVID 19 pandemic, great efforts went towards curtailing the spread of the disease. This left gaps in the health system and malaria which is already an epidemic in Africa and Uganda specifically noted a rise in infections. 

The main objective of this campaign was to increase access to and ownership of nets in communities across the country. Campaign design and plans had to comply with COVID 9 restrictions as well as be dynamic enough to address the constantly changing campaign environment, identify new risks in time and mitigate them.

The campaign saw the successful distribution of over 27.5 Million Long Lasting Insecticide treated Nets(LLINs).