Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign – Uganda 2019

Gavi through World Health Organization provided cash grant to Government of Uganda for the Measles Rubella Catch up Campaign and New Vaccine Introduction for all districts in Uganda.

Under this campaign, Ministry of Health targeted Eighteen Million and one hundred thousand (18,100,000) children (under 15yrs of age) for Measles and Rubella vaccination. 

Edes & Associates was appointed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as a Fiduciary Assurance Agent (FAA) to support its oversight role for the campaign to ensure that activities are undertaken as planned, payments made in accordance with the regulations, and accounted for.

A total of 19,476,110 children were vaccinated against Measles-Rubella out of the 18,100,000 targeted representing 108%; and 7,955,597 children were vaccinated against Polio out of the 8,200,000 target representing 97%.