Our Services

Respected throughout the industry, Edes & Associates is passionate about delivering you first-class service in an ethical manner. We offer innovative development fund management and advisory services that support delivery of results on funding to the public sector, particularly in developing countries.

Our clients include national organizations and government departments as well as international development agencies, aid agencies and other NGOs. We focus on bringing added value to all our clients at all times, tailored to your business needs.

With a wealth of combined assurance and advisory experience, our service delivery is anchored on learning, reliability, efficiency, teamwork and innovation. Whether we are assessing public funding program management, developing cutting edge business management support systems, promoting organizational capacity development or advising on institutional or business structures, you can rely on our proactive communication, dynamic and results driven approach.

Our services are in three major categories

Audit & Assurance

Edes & Associates deploys both experience and technical expertise to provide high quality audit and assurance services

Management support & advisory

We will provide your business with a unique and tailored management support system, ensuring we get to the heart of your organization

Public & development aid sector services

You can rely on our globally sourced, multidisciplinary teams to deliver tested performance methodologies and insightful recommendations informed by in-depth industry expertise