Working with regional associates, our public sector team has been involved in the audit of national programs in Cambodia and Nepal, for grants in the health sector. These national programs are implemented by both government and non-government organizations (NGOs). Such audits take a multi-disciplinary approach in the areas of finance, public health and procurement and supply chain management. 
Delivery of projects in territories of diverse culture and unique policy frameworks underlines the expertise that our teams have developed over a period of time. Our ability to mobilize and effectively work with local teams in new environments demonstrates Edes & Associates’ capability to deliver on any form of assignment within our areas of competence. 
Our expansion into regions outside Africa has been a natural progression of our growing reputation and expertise in the field of development funding management, audit and review for both national organizations and NGOs. For more details on our projects in Asia and how we can support your interventions in that region, please contact us.